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Wedding Highlight Videos

We were privileged enough¬†to capture these couples’ love stories.¬† Each and every one of them is unique and special, just like the two people writing it. That is, in fact, what makes our job so exciting. We truly cherish the trust they grant us, by letting us in on their most precious and personal moments, and we are honored and grateful to be able to tell their inspiring true love stories!


Blaine + Matt

Seana + Kevin

Paige + Ryan

“Take a look at your parents, both of you… They have blessed you in so many ways.. They know what...

Linda + Roger

“Love is the creator of our favorite memories, our fondest dreams, and withouth love we barely exist, but with love...

Kristi + Patrick

“I promise to keep you dancing and laughing all the time, if you promise to dance next to me and...

Valerie + Daniel

“May all that you are always be love, may all that is love always be in you. May your love...

Jessica + Ashton

“..true happiness is not really found in power and prestige, or in posessions; but it is found in the kind...

Yesenia + Rolando

“May the winds be at your back, the sun upon your face, and may the winds of destiny carry you...

Michelle + Dan

Sarah + Michael

Fabiola + Nick

Marchella + Fernando

Annie + Tommy

“You make me want to be a better person each and every day… “

Gurinder + Raman

Kerry + Yoni

“My hands will be your shelter and my heart will be your home…”

Lauren + Justin

“If as we’re walking a hand should slip free, I’ll wait for you and should I fall behind wait for...

Brielle + Derek

“From the first time we went out , I knew we will be here one day…”

Ewa + Mark

” Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.”

Danny + Marisa

“…Your worse is better than most people’s best…”

Kristiyana + Eric

“I promise to make time for you. I promise to never keep score. I promise to always choose love!”

Kelly + Matt

” If this is the dream, then I would kill the man that wakes me up. “

Cherie + Cullen

” Whatever may come, I will always be there. As I am giving you my hand to hold,I am giving...

Hilary + Rob

” May we all witness the day when the dominant sounds throughout the world will be the sounds of happiness,...

Meagan + Adam

” I look at you and I’m home. I see nothing worse than to be without you because with you...

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